R&B Consulting Services

                   Robin Stokes- Strategic Business Consultant Specialist 
                                                    (513) 494.6880

R&B Consulting Services are inexpensive so that organizations can afford to get their purpose off the ground in a short amount of time R&B Consulting Services specializes in services for small business for-profit and non-profit organizations.

                                     R&B Consulting Services:

·         Incorporate Entity- Start-up Process (Non-Profit & For-Profit Small Business) 

·         Grant and Proposal Writing Assistance

·         Governance Board  Training Development

·         Incorporate Bylaws, Articles In Corporations, Non & Disclosures Forms, Conflict of Interest Forms and Etc)

·         501(c)(3) filing (Application)

·          Basic Strategic planning (Purpose, Mission, Vision, Values, Commitment and Goals and Objectives)

·          Program development for organization, evaluation and marketing(Google Set Up development

·          Operating board day to day operational training  for staff or independent contractors

·         Marketing assistance (Website, Business Cards, Postcards, Letterhead and other Stationary).